Thanking Parishioners Well

Oct 8, 2019

With everything going on at your Catholic parish, it can be easy to forget that thanking parishioners well is one of them most important tasks. One of our CSM employees once asked a major donor at a local church: “What can the parish do better?” The response was simple: “Make sure Father and the staff just thank well.” The donor went on to explain that he appreciated every heartfelt “thank you” he had ever received. He wasn’t expecting a plaque or a reward, but he hated it when he had volunteered or donated and no one had taken a moment to shake his hand and offer him a simple gesture of gratitude.

This week, find five minutes and express your gratitude:

  • First, think about the last five donors or volunteers with whom you interacted.
  • Next, thank God for each of them by name in prayer.
  • Last, place a phone call or write a short note to each of these people, thanking them for their stewardship of the parish.
  • Make sure each of these notes is personal and describes how this person is a blessing. (For example, don’t write, “Thanks for your help.” Instead, write, “Thanks for your help at the spring cleanup. I really appreciated you raking the front lawn.”

After you’ve done this, spread the word – share this practice at your next staff meeting. If all of your staff and clergy do this weekly, imagine how many people you’ll reach with your gratitude! Thanking parishioners well is one of the best ways you can spend your time as a parish employee. It’s a key part of celebrating everyone’s involvement in your local church.