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Catholic Social Media

A social media management platform exclusively for Catholic parishes and dioceses.

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Modernize your diocesan annual appeal with help from PSG’s fundraising, communications and technology experts.

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We’ll get your donor database clean and organized. We can even manage it for you full-time.

Digital Communications

Our social media tools help dioceses and parishes thrive in this new, digital world.

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Resources to help Catholic Parish and Diocesan Leaders.

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A social media management platform exclusively for Catholic parishes and dioceses

Our tools make it easy to engage parishioners, reach those who never registered, and inspire those who have fallen away.

Scheduling Calendar Video
Andy - We Know the Catholic Church

We Know the Catholic Church

Our team of Catholic communications experts have decades of experience leading digital communications efforts for Catholic parishes and dioceses.

Since 2018 we’ve helped more than 4,000 parishes open their digital doors to engage and evangelize their communities.

We built Catholic Social Media to make life easier for:

  • Parishes with an active Facebook page
  • Parishes and schools with multiple social media accounts
  • Pastors overseeing multiple parishes or parish clusters
  • Parishes that have staff and volunteers helping with social media accounts
  • Dioceses with multiple social media accounts
  • Dioceses looking to provide social media help to resource-strapped parishes
  • Diocesan communications offices that want to reach more Catholics
  • Dioceses who need a better way to share updates and digital content with parishes

Easily Connect Your Social Media Accounts

Simply connect your social media accounts using our simple, step-by-step instructions. Or chat with us live and our Catholic social media experts will be happy to help you get everything connected.

Once connected, your pastor, staff, and approved volunteers can post on behalf of your parish to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a single click.

Easily Connect Your Social Media Accounts
Catholic Social Media

Schedule a Week’s Worth of Posts in Just 5 Minutes

Use our visual scheduler to lay out a week’s worth of posts in just minutes.  You control the day, time, and audience for each post.

And, with our all-in-one platform, your pastor, staff, and volunteers never have to log in to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to post parish content. All of your social media accounts are organized neatly under one roof.

Need help creating posts? Join hundreds of parishes who subscribe to our premium service and receive fresh, daily Catholic content and resources throughout the year (limited availability).

See How Your Posts Are Performing

See how your posts are performing with our all-in-one social media dashboard. Track your parishioner engagement and audience growth across multiple social media accounts to gain a clear view into what’s working and what’s not.

Plus, our Catholic social media experts provide live training and individual parish analysis to help you improve your social media strategy and develop engaging content.

See How Your Posts Are Performing
Platform Overview - User

Control Who Posts to Your Account

You have dozens of parish volunteers who would gladly help create and post content for your parish. Until now, there was no easy way to give them access to the parish’s accounts without sharing passwords and giving up control.

Our Parish Essentials plan has robust user permissions so you can grant access to specific staff members and volunteers who need it, while keeping your account passwords private and secure.

You’re in control of who has access and permission to post.

For Parishes


Catholic Social Media wasn’t just created by social media experts; it was created by people who are parishioners. We craft every Catholic social post for theological accuracy and maximum engagement. Each parish can connect up to 15 social media accounts, allowing you to post across multiple parish and school connections.

Platform Overview - Images


Looking for a one-stop shop where you can distribute content to parishes? Dioceses can use the platform to share digital content directly with their parishes. Parishes can review, edit, or approve diocesan posts with a single click.

By serving up content for parishes to post, the diocese can reach an audience of 50-100 times larger than if they simply post the content on the diocesan social media channels.

Key Features

Shared Content Calendar & Scheduling
Shared Content Calendar & Scheduling

Use our visual content calendar to schedule multiple social posts across different pages and networks simultaneously. Schedule an entire week’s worth of posts in just 5 minutes.

Control Access

Take control of who is posting on behalf of your parish. Keep your passwords secure and easily add or remove access for specific volunteers or employees.

Asset Hub
Asset Hub

Create, organize, edit, and publish posts, videos, and handouts from a central location within the platform.

Resource Library
Resource Library

Provide an all-in-one library for parish announcements, bulletin inserts, pastor letters, weekly updates, and key digital content across your staff members and volunteers.

Parish Approval
Parish Approval for Diocesan Content

Dioceses can create content for the parishes, but the parish remains in control of what gets posted and when.


See how your posts are performing across multiple accounts.

“I love that, in addition to providing content, you are also providing other materials that I can use to help organize the parish administratively. With your resources given to the staff, I am more able to focus on accompanying people in their moments of need, teach them, and spread the Gospel.”

Father Michael Newman, Pastor, Holy Family Parish, Adrian