A powerful tool that helps you set personalized ask amounts for thousands of donors at a time.


Fundraising automations to delight your donors, streamline gift processing, and save time.

Catholic Social Media

A social media management platform exclusively for Catholic parishes and dioceses.

Stay informed with the latest nonprofit fundraising research and tips.

Our Diocesan Services

Prenger Solutions Group is proud to serve more than half of all dioceses in the United States.

Fundraising Consulting

Modernize your diocesan annual appeal with help from PSG’s fundraising, communications and technology experts.

Database Administration

We’ll get your donor database clean and organized. We can even manage it for you full-time.

Digital Communications

Our social media tools help dioceses and parishes thrive in this new, digital world.

Stay informed with the latest nonprofit fundraising research and tips.

Resources to help Catholic Parish and Diocesan Leaders.

Our Team

Our fundraising professionals, database experts and technology specialists.


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Stay informed with the latest nonprofit fundraising research and tips.

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Nic Prenger

Nic Prenger, J.D.


844.333.5252, ext. 100

Nic Prenger

Ashley Winans, MPA

Chief Operating Officer


Nic Prenger

John Rogers, M.A.

Vice President of Parish Services

844.333.5252, ext. 200

Nic Prenger

Andy Schroeder, MBA

Vice President of Digital Services

844.333.5252, ext. 300

Angie Addison

Angie Addison

Vice President of Product Development


Nic Prenger

Sarah Aligo, M.S.E.

Vice President of Client Services


Nic Prenger

Andrew Menke

Director of Accounts


Nic Prenger

Stacy Cope

Director of Automation Services


Nic Prenger

Mitch Fisher

Director of Customer Experience

844.333.5252, ext. 3

Nic Prenger

Rob Simms

Director of Data Operations

844.333.5252, ext. 400

Nic Prenger

Leslie Ulrich, MBA

Senior Development Consultant

844.333.5252, ext. 900

Nic Prenger

Austen Brown

Database Consultant,
Automation Engineer


Nic Prenger

Lauren Ballew

Senior Database Consultant


Nic Prenger

Katie McCurdy

Database and Development Consultant


Nic Prenger

Gen Ruiz

Client Success Specialist


Development Consultant, Katie Ostgren

Katie Ostgren

Development Consultant

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