It’s time to modernize your annual appeal

PSG was built to help diocesan development offices adapt and thrive in today’s digital world. If your traditional fundraising approach isn’t working like it used to, let’s work together and build a modern development program that makes better use of data, expands your donor base and inspires a new generation of donors.


The answer to your fundraising prayers

You’ve got the gala and the golf outing under control. Now you need to build a giving program that actually works. We partner with dioceses to provide hands-on, digital fundraising services that build on the good work you’re already doing to reach new donors and deliver better results. You bring the passion, we’ll provide the plan.

Heading in the wrong direction

Your appeal is raising more money each year, but it’s coming from a shrinking pool of donors. Don’t keep doing the same thing, year after year, and expect different results. It’s time to invest in new, creative strategies and digital solutions to modernize all aspects of your annual appeal.

Diocesan annual appeals from 2009 to 2018:

Ask our diocesan partners what it’s like to work with PSG

Full-Service Annual Appeal Management

Your diocesan development office has been doing the same thing, year after year. But can you continue to rely on just direct mail and a handful of bequests to squeak across the goal line each year? A modern fundraising appeal requires technical expertise and deep experience. That’s why PSG partners with dioceses to implement creative multi-channel appeals that supplement direct mail with automated email campaigns, personalized donation pages, targeted social media posts and a strategy to convert one-time donors into monthly givers.

Database Management

PSG is home to some of the country’s leading experts in Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge software. Whether you’re looking to implement a new donor management system, upgrade to RENXT, clean-up your existing database or just find a better way to sync your diocesan records with parishes, give us a call. And if you’re having a hard time finding a database administrator, we can do that too. Join the growing number of dioceses who have chosen to outsource their database administrator position to PSG. We know Catholic dioceses, we know fundraising and we know your software inside and out… plus we never heat up fish in the microwave.

Strategic Fundraising Counsel

Do you have the staff, but just need some help creating the plan and getting all the pieces to line up? PSG can provide strategic fundraising counsel to guide you on your way to a truly modern, multi-channel appeal.

Database Services

PSG can help you get the most out of your donor database. From clean-up and parish syncing services, to building reports and designing dashboards, PSG’s team of Raiser’s Edge experts are ready to jump in and help you lay the foundation for a successful appeal.

Parish Modernization

We’ve pioneered a new approach to offertory enhancement. Instead of just sending letters to people who are already giving, PSG’s digital stewardship program starts at the foundation and builds from there. We work with every parish partner to clean up their database, add new emails and phone numbers, upgrade their use of social media and inspire families to move their giving online. The results speak for themselves.

Speaking & Training

Nic Prenger and PSG’s team of experts can provide your diocese, parishes and schools with cutting edge research, training and inspiration on how they can adapt and thrive in this new, digital world. Contact Nic to schedule a presentation today.

Prenger Solutions Group

“Our diocesan development office took a major leap forward when we partnered with Prenger Solutions Group. In our first year with PSG we added more than 400 recurring donors who are now giving more than $320,000 a year to our appeal. I recommend them every chance I get.”

Ashley Linville, Director of Development, Diocese of Nashville

Prenger Solutions Group


Prenger Solutions Group


Prenger Solutions Group


Prenger Solutions Group


Prenger Solutions Group


Prenger Solutions Group


Everything your diocese needs, under one roof

Don’t waste another year doing the same thing you’ve always done. Join more than 30 dioceses who have already partnered with PSG to modernize their development programs. We provide expertise in everything from direct mail fundraising to donor management software, social media, email marketing, pastor training, donation page design and more. PSG is your one-stop solution to a more successful annual appeal.

Benchmark Reporting

Diocesan appeals that promote online giving raise more money

Donors who support your appeal online are more generous, and more likely to make additional gifts. Check out PSG’s landmark research project that examined diocesan annual appeal results from across the country.

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It’s time to bring your mission online

Matthew 5:16 “…your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” Prenger Solutions Group can help you shine your light online, and inspire the faithful.