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Catholic Social Media

A social media management platform exclusively for Catholic parishes and dioceses.

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Digital Communications

Our social media tools help dioceses and parishes thrive in this new, digital world.

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Priced to Fit Your Parish or Diocese

Parish Essentials

Essential tools to manage your parish’s digital presence. Effortlessly plan, schedule, and analyze social media content across multiple networks.


per month

Best for:

  • Parishes that want to organize all their social media content in one spot
  • Parishes with multiple staff members or volunteers posting on behalf of the parish or school
  • Pastors and business managers who want to control permissions while keeping passwords and accounts secure
  • Parish leaders who want to evangelize in their neighborhood
  • Parish leaders who want a complement to their closed loop of e-newsletters and text messaging apps


  • 3 parish users with tailored permissions
  • Connects to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Draft, schedule, and publish 100 posts per month
  • Visual content planner and scheduler
  • All-in-one analytics dashboard

Parish Premium

(limited availability)

All the tools from our Parish Essentials package, plus a team of Catholic communications and design experts will create fresh, daily content for your parish – every week of the year.


per year,
billed quarterly

Best for:

  • Parishes that don’t have the resources for a full-time social media director or graphic designer
  • Pastors looking to reinvigorate their parish communications plan and reach non-registered parishioners
  • Communications directors who want high-quality, safe, reliable content that’s created fresh each week
  • Pastors and business managers who oversee parish clusters, multi-site parishes, or parishes with schools
  • Parish leaders who want to evangelize in their neighborhood
  • Parish leaders who want a complement to their closed loop of e-newsletters and text messaging apps


  • Unlimited users
  • Connects to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (5 accounts each)
  • Draft, schedule, and publish unlimited number of posts
  • 10 professionally designed posts per week
  • 1 professionally designed video per week
  • Visual content planner and scheduler
  • All-in-one analytics dashboard
  • Custom user roles and permissions for staff and volunteers
  • Annual social media performance report
  • On-demand, live customer support
  • Live social media training and exclusive webinars
  • Weekly parish technology tips
  • Weekly parish stewardship tips
  • Annual report templates
  • Pastor letter templates
  • Annual year-end giving materials
  • Surprise goodies throughout the year

Diocesan Essentials

Give all the Parish Essentials tools to your parishes at a fraction of the price. Plus, your diocese can create and share content directly with parishes inside the platform.


per month,
per parish

Best for:

  • Dioceses looking for practical ways to make life easier for pastors and parish staff
  • Dioceses that want to share digital content and resources with parishes in a way that parishes will actually use
  • Diocesan offices and ministries who create content and resources for parishes, but need a better distribution channel because email or shared drives aren’t cutting it anymore
  • Bishops, communications directors, and development teams who want to reach 50-100 times more Catholics and non-Catholics than they can through diocesan social media channels alone


  • Create and schedule content that parishes can approve and post to their own social media channels with a single click
  • Unlimited users from across all diocesan offices and ministries, with custom roles and permissions set by the diocese
  • Create and manage parish distribution groups
  • Post performance reports and analytics from across all parishes
  • Live training and customer support for parishes
  • Live technical support and troubleshooting. When a parish has a problem, they call us and not the diocese.
Testimonial - Nancy Fells

“We have been using Catholic Social Media for years and absolutely love the platform. It provides daily Catholic content that is easy to post, makes me look great, and helps our parishioners feel connected.”

Nancy Falls, St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Louisville

Testimonial - Nancy Fells

“Our parishes are grateful that a partnership with Catholic Social Media can help them get on or improve their presence on social media platforms so that they can use digital communication tools to better evangelize.”

Anne Marie Cox, Director of Communications, Diocese of Des Moines

What is Catholic Social Media?

Catholic Social Media is an all-in-one social media management platform and digital content hub that helps parishes and dioceses engage their existing parishioners, reach those who never registered, and inspire those who have fallen away.

Parishes who subscribe to our Parish Essentials plan get the tools they need to plan, organize, and analyze their social media posts so they can engage their parishioners and evangelize their community, all in one place.

Parishes that subscribe to our Parish Premium Package benefit from a team of Catholic digital communications specialists, writers, and videographers who create fresh, authentically Catholic content for your parish every week.

How does the free trial work?

Just sign up to give your parish access to our Parish Premium service for 30 days. It’s completely risk-free and you don’t need a credit card to start the trial.

What happens when my free trial ends?

After your 30-day free trial, our team will present you with a report on how your social media pages performed during the trial. If you wish to continue with the service, you can subscribe to the Parish Essentials package or the Parish Premium service, if there are still spots available.

How much does Catholic Social Media cost?

Catholic Social Media’s pricing is $42 per month for the Parish Essentials package. There is also a Parish Premium service that costs $5,000 per year, and includes fresh, daily content created by a team of Catholic communications and design professionals (limited availability). Dioceses can provide the Parish Essentials package to all their parishes for just $25 per month, per parish.

Why should our parish use social media?

Parishes that post at least once a day on social media report average household giving that is 44% higher than parishes that do not.

Social media is the new town square, and it is the mission field for our work in the New Evangelization. Yet too few parishes have the time, resources, and skill to post daily content – much less eye-catching images, original videos, and interesting content tied to the liturgical calendar.

Our team helps by creating engaging, theologically-sound content and delivering it to you on a platform where you can simply point, click, and schedule.

How does it work?

Parishes are invited to use the service risk-free for 30 days to get a sense of how it works and watch how their parishioners respond. This free trial also allows your pastor to become comfortable with the tone and content and your staff to build familiarity with the process. In addition to the platform, you will gain access to additional free resources, including fundraising letter templates and more.

During your free trial, your parish’s point person will receive training on how to use the service. Our team follows your progress and creates a final report for you full of actionable ideas – tips like when you should post to reach the most people, how to leverage your social media content as an evangelization tool, and how to build your parish’s social media following.

How should the Catholic Church engage on social media?

Studies show that daily engagement is crucial to reaching as many people as possible using social media. Parishes that post daily see higher rates of volunteerism and household giving. In addition, daily posting leads to organic reach in your neighborhood and among young people.

In addition, the type of content being published matters greatly. Parishes that post eight pieces of uplifting and engaging Catholic content for every one request for financial assistance, volunteers, or event attendance draw in parishioners, fallen-away Catholics, and non-believers.

How is your Catholic social media content better than what we are creating right now?

While some parishes do use our service as their sole source of social media content, most use our material alongside important local posts that focus on parish announcements, photos, and events. Very few parishes have the time, staff, or resources to do much more than post local photos and announcements. This is an enormous opportunity.

Research has shown that a parish should be giving its parishioners and neighbors good news and uplifting spiritual content eight times for every one time it solicits their support or invites them to an event. By using our premium content as part of a larger communications plan, you can connect with your followers and neighbors daily…and they will show up when you ask.

And since all of our premium content is free of logos or copyrights from other organizations, you get the credit for putting this content in front of your parishioners.

How often do you release your content to premium subscribers?

We release a week’s worth of new parish content every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. These 10 original posts and 1 video tied to the liturgical calendar are for the following week – so your staff can plan ahead and schedule your content in advance. 

Can social media help encourage others to attend Mass?

Yes! Every time your parish posts on social media, you’re reaching not just your core supporters, but also their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Social media allows you to connect with your parishioners outside of Sunday Mass. And it’s the most effective communication tool there is to reach the Catholics who aren’t always attending Mass.

While you may not have one hundred families willing to knock on doors and invite people to Mass, you certainly have one hundred families willing to click “share” on Facebook. Catholic Social Media can help you “digitally door knock” in the neighborhood. And by publishing to Instagram and Twitter, you’ll reach new audiences and draw them to your parish.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You can also purchase your Catholic Social Media subscription through eCheck or direct debit. Please reach out to for more information.

How secure is Catholic Social Media?

We have layers and layers of protection built into the app including: