Count Your Blessings at the Parish

Oct 14, 2019

When’s the last time you took a moment to count your blessings at the parish? We’ve all heard it before: an “attitude of gratitude” can make all the difference in someone’s life. But how do you practice gratitude on a parish-wide level at your Catholic church?

Earlier we shared how you can begin thanking volunteers and donors by setting aside five minutes each week.  Today, consider how you can spread that practice to the entire parish. One church in Minnesota does this in a unique way. In the entryway to the parish office, there’s a sign that says, “Thank God today” above a wall covered in blank Post-It Notes. Nearby there are a number of color markers. Parishioners on their way to talk to the youth minister, pastor, or business administrator are encouraged to stop and thank God. Some of the notes are about everyday blessings, like health or a successful job transition. But others are simply miraculous, such as “My son came to church for the first time in 10 years!” (And here’s one we love in the office. There’s a mysterious person who just writes, “Thank you God for many blessings!” week after week.)

People visiting your offices will be drawn to a wall of blessings like this – they won’t be able to stop themselves from pausing for a moment and seeing the good that God is doing in your community. Even if they don’t share a blessing themselves, they will leave your parish with a renewed hope in God’s saving work. Many will come away feeling blessed themselves. In short, count your blessings at the parish. You’ll be amazed at God’s generosity!