A Modern Solution for Diocesan Communications

Share fresh digital content and resources with your parishes in a way that is simple, effective, and easy for pastors and parish staff

The Old Way isn’t Working Anymore

The Old Way isn’t Working Anymore

There was probably a time when every pastor and parish staff member diligently read your diocese’s weekly “clergy update” email. Maybe they even looked forward to it.

But those days are long gone.

Today’s pastors and parish staff are too busy and stretched too thin to keep up with all the information and resources being provided by the diocese.

And because they don’t read the general update, that means individual diocesan offices and ministries have to send their own emails, updates, requests, and resources.

Parishes are bombarded with emails, each asking them to do something, post something, share something, or update something.

And when they have a moment and really do need a particular resource, they don’t have time to go searching through old emails for a PDF or a link to download some graphic that they then have to upload by hand to their parish’s social media account.

What if there was a better way?

Catholic Social Media is more than just a social media management platform – it’s the smart, modern way for your diocese to deliver parish resources, social media content, and more – all in one secure, easy-to-use platform that your parishes will love.

Help Your Parishes Succeed in a Digital World

Easy-to-use tools for your parishes

Our Diocesan Essentials package provides all your parishes with the tools, resources and customer support they need to build and maintain an effective social media program – for a fraction of the cost.

Create and Share Unlimited Content

In addition to providing every parish with a steeply discounted Parish Essentials plan, your diocesan offices and ministries can create and distribute your own content directly to parishes within the platform.

Help Your Parishes Succeed in a Digital World

That means parishes can review all your diocesan-created content on a single, easy-to-use visual calendar. And with a single click they can review and approve your posts – sending them out through their own social media channels according to the schedule you recommend.

Reach more Catholics with every post

  • Share messages straight from the bishop
  • Spotlight your new seminarians
  • Promote Theology on Tap events
  • Share details of the March for Life rally
  • Promote Catholic schools
  • Promote the Eucharistic Revival
  • Share content for your annual appeal
  • Celebrate priest jubilee anniversaries

Analyze Results

Diocesan administrators can view analytics to see which parishes are using the content and learn how individual social posts are performing. Parishes also receive local analytics reports from across their social media pages.

Leave the training and customer support to us

Worried about implementation? No problem. Our team of experienced Catholic social media experts provide your pastors and parish staff with robust training, so they feel comfortable using the system.

We also provide live customer support to your parishes. That means when a pastor or parish staff member has a question about the platform or just needs a little extra help, they call us – not the diocese.

“My pastor asked me to post regularly, but I just didn’t have time to think up new ideas AND create all the content on top of everything else on my plate. Getting these fresh content ideas and posts delivered every week has been such a time saver and a blessing to our parish!”

Ali Ogle
Faith Formation Coordinator
Ishpeming Catholic
St. John and St. Joseph Parishes

Ali Ogle

Practical Tools to Solve Real Challenges

Your parishes don’t need a new initiative or program. They need practical solutions, easy-to-use tools, and live customer support so their staff can focus on running a parish, evangelizing, and nurturing disciples.

Central Hub

Centralized Content Hub

Catholic Social Media is a great place to help dioceses get organized and share digital content with parishes in a single, centralized location. It’s easy for parishes to navigate and can be organized in whatever way suits your needs.

One Click

One-Click Sharing

Create content that parishes can post to their social media accounts with a single click.

Asset Hub

Distribution Groups and Tags

Create and distribute content for specific parishes – for instance, parishes with schools, parishes running a capital campaign, or Spanish-language parishes.

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

When parishes post your content directly instead of resharing it from the diocesan account, it reaches 50-100 times more people.


Manage Permissions

Choose who you want to give access to and have complete control over sharing options among your diocesan offices and parishes.

Increased Offering

Increased Offertory

Parishes with large followings see their offertory improve year-over-year while parishes that post seven times a week or more on social media report household giving that’s 44% higher than parishes that post less often.

Start using Catholic Social Media today