you get what you ask for

You Get What You Ask For

May 19, 2020

The CSM team often works with pastors and staff that say, “We wish parishioners would increase their financial support.” The response that we offer, though simple, often comes as a surprise to many. We ask in return, “Have you asked for it?”  People are willing to increase their support if they feel engaged in the mission and are personally asked. In short, you get what you ask for. And if you don’t ask…well, you don’t get!

In looking at ways to increase support we recommend including suggested gift amounts in your annual renewal of stewardship as well as your online giving forms. Simply offering your parishioners a pledge card with no direct request will encourage them to give what they have always given. (You know the household – and probably have hundreds like them – giving the same amount in 2019 that they gave in 1985!)

Parishes that are successful in implementing these personal requests do so by segmenting. Breaking your parishioners up into groups with common characteristics will allow you to craft a more personal message and to communicate exactly what you are asking for. Here are a few basic segments you could create:

  • Similar past giving levels
  • Involvement on a parish committee or history of volunteerism
  • Parents of school-age children
  • Business owners
  • Empty nesters still working full-time
  • Retirees

You need to challenge them to make a sacrifice. It should come as no surprise that organizations that ask for more, receive more. If you don’t ask, others will, and trying to replace lost revenue will become more challenging as other non-profits become more skilled at asking.

Want more chat about more ways to increase offertory? Our team is here to help and we have hundreds of proven ideas we can share. Call or email me at any time. Like your donors, you get what you ask for! Ask me, and you’ll get…a great conversation about stewardship.