Online Surveys at the Parish

Sep 10, 2019

Whether you’re planning a change in the Mass schedule or gauging interest in a new program, you can use online surveys at the parish to learn what your people are thinking, build consensus, and take action:

Here’s how you can get started
  • Create a free survey quickly using a tool like SurveyMonkey or Typeform.
  • Ask for an email address at the start of the survey. That way, even if they don’t complete the entire survey, you’ll still be able to update your records with that important information.
  • Offer a small prize drawing to encourage participation.
  • Publicize the survey for at least two weeks through your bulletin, website, social media accounts, and pulpit announcements.
  • Share the results with everyone who participated and summarize them for the entire parish.

Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering data, but perhaps even more important, they build ownership among your parishioners and offer a mandate for action.

online surveys at the parish

A few items to keep in mind
  • You can publish the survey link on Facebook and reach your large following.
  • Do not send out a survey if you don’t plan on making the changes the parishioners may want.
  • It’s easy to send follow-up emails to people who have not participated in the poll. Plan on doing this 2-4 days after the original announcement has been made.
  • Make sure you sue online surveys at the parish sparingly! Once or twice a year is just fine.