use video to promote special events

Use Video to Promote Special Events

Dec 5, 2019

When it comes to standing out on social media, video is king. The next time you are promoting a special event at your parish, consider going beyond the standard text or graphic design post and use a personal video to promote it. No matter the size of your parish or your level of video expertise – if just one person at your parish has a smartphone, you can make this happen! The best thing you can do to highlight your parish online is use video to promote special events.

Yes, a smartphone with video recording capability is all the equipment you’ll need. If your parish has better video or audio equipment, that’s great, but PSG has found that raw and authentic video can be just as impactful as anything created with expensive video editing software.

Whatever event you might want to promote – a diaper drive, a Knights of Columbus event, a special fundraiser, or a prayer walk – your parishioners would love to see your beloved pastor (or staff) look directly into the camera, smile and invite parishioner to enjoy the event! A simple 15-30 second video is all you need to make an event stand out. No production. No text. No bells. No whistles. Just an invitation from a face and voice they know and love. (And be sure to include a link that people can click to learn more or sign up!)

For a great example of a low-cost invitation, check out this video from St. Louis Catholic Church: Now that’s a parish that has learned to use video to promote special events well.