update your mass times

Update Your Mass Times

Nov 3, 2020

Advent is almost upon us , which means it’s time to publish your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Mass times…everywhere. This is important because many nominal Catholics start searching for Mass times to help decide where they will worship during this high holy day. Get to it and update your Mass times.

It’s not just “Chreasters” who are searching for Mass times. Even your most active parishioners will be checking to confirm they have the correct times, so they can confirm meal and travel plans. And Catholic families coming to town to visit relatives will be checking as well.

Here is a quick checklist to make sure you’re updating all the right spots:

  • Publish these Mass times in every bulletin now through Christmas Day
  • Schedule one post a week on each social media platform you use to highlight these Mass times
  • Comb through every page of your parish website and make sure times are highlighted there
  • Re-record the Mass times listed on the parish voicemail (and set a reminder for December 26 to change it back).
  • Include Christmas Mass times in staff email signatures this month
  • Maybe most importantly – create a Facebook event for each separate Christmas Mass so parishioners can indicate they are going…and then their friends will see it too!

This is the number one way to welcome back lapsed Catholics – show your parish cares by helping them find these Mass times quickly! Bonus points if you are also publishing your regular Mass times and special Advent reconciliation services. Get to it and update your Mass times!