social media management tools

Social Media Management Tools

Jul 21, 2020

Do you find it challenging to keep up with the activity on your parish Facebook page? Has your parish Twitter page stopped tweeting? Does your Instagram seem more like a telegram? Thankfully, there are some social media management tools out there to help out.

We know that it can be tough for a person to manage multiple social media platforms at the same time. Social media management tools exist for the purpose of helping organizations manage everything in one spot. You can curate and schedule content for your organization to ensure that your messages are reaching your audience at the appropriate time. You can also measure responses and activity for posts, videos, and more.

The availability of these tools continues to grow. Tools like HootSuite have various subscription levels and allow you to choose the option that fits your parish. Sprout Social, another social media management tool, offers in-depth analysis and reporting to show you how specific individuals have engaged with you on social media.

One thing to keep in mind when using these tools – Facebook has a preference for you using their own scheduling capabilities, and will slightly penalize your posts if they are always being scheduled through a third-party system like the two mentioned above. For the best reach and engagement, we suggest consistently posting Facebook content by using its own built-in scheduler. But if you’re posting multiple times about the same parish event, you’ll make up for the penalty. So check out these social media management tools…and save time!