Rest and Retreat

Rest and Retreat

Dec 22, 2020

We’ve been living in a new era of ministry – the coronavirus epoch – since early March of this year. Maybe you’re still energized, learning new skills, and re-shaping your ministry in amazing ways. But maybe you’re just tired. If that’s the case, it’s time to look at your work calendar and pick a day or two to rest up and go on retreat. Rest and retreat might be just the thing.

Even if retreat centers near you aren’t open, you can still complete a self-directed retreat at home or ask a trusted spiritual mentor or friend to be your retreat master. Here are some tips for a retreat at home:

  • If at all possible, be alone or have the other people in your household join you on retreat. (If this is not possible, let others in your home know you’ll be on retreat and are not to be disturbed.)
  • Create a simple schedule of daily prayer, spiritual reading, and quiet. If you wish to recreate or talk to other people, clearly define when there will be silence and when talking is allowed.
  • Limit or eliminate all screentime if possible.
  • If you’re able, invite a trusted spiritual mentor or friend to lead the retreat. He or she may only need to speak to you by phone once or twice a day for this to work.
  • Limit yourself to a Bible and one other spiritual book.

If you’re running ragged and you need some time to rest and recharge, a simple retreat weekend may be just the thing you need! Remember, you can’t be of any use to anyone burnt out. Rest and retreat might be just what the doctor ordered.