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Subscriber Reviews

Our favorite part of the job is getting to know the people and the missions behind the ministries, and our personal relationships help guide us to the right solution, every time.

“We’ve been using materials from Catholic Social Media and I have to say they are just awesome! The templates we got were just amazing. At Christmas this year we came in 25% higher in Christmas giving.”

Mary Quinlin, St. Mark’s Parish in Iowa Falls, IA

Removes the headache

“Removes the headache of being constantly on the bubble with creativity in social media and contact letters. Love that I only have to edit materials that are already written, as coming up with ideas and writing them is time consuming for me and I have many other duties.”

Mary Cussen, Business Manager
St. Mark Catholic Church, Virginia Beach, VA

Adaptive to new or changing needs

“I love that CSM has been so adaptive to new or changing needs; they aren’t just trying to sell a product to parishes, but have always worked to either improve based on feedback or seek out new ways to help parish staffs cope and even thrive at what they do. This survey is a great example of how CSM makes this happen. Social Media is liturgically and theologically correct, and not controversial. High quality and engaging.”

Sarah Fritcher, Communications
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church, Lewisville, TX

Catholic Social Media makes me look good!

“Catholic Social Media makes me look good! Each week I receive timely, authentically Catholic content to share on social media. In addition they offer tech tips and content to help move our parishes forward.”

Jessica Poskozim, Stewardship And Development
Cathedral of Christ the King, Superior, WI

Holy Family Parish

“We have been using Catholic Social Media for 2 years and absolutely love the program. It provides daily Catholic content that makes me look great and helps our parishioners feel connected.”

Nancy Falls, St. Bernadette Parish in Prospect, KY

They save us a ton of time

“They save us a ton of time in maintaining a social media presence with good Catholic content.
As we begin working with CSM, we are finding that they have a wealth of knowledge that will help us out tremendously. In the few months we have ben working with CSM, we have found what they have as helpful.”

Kevin Muller, Business Manager
St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church, Westfield, IN

Guidance and flexibility

“What I enjoy the most is the guidance and flexibility. By guidance, I mean that there are good resources there that I and my staff (I am the pastor) are able to use for social media work as well as internal parish organization. And it’s flexible – I am able to use what works and discard what’s not depending on the local situation here.”

Fr. Michael Newman, OSFS, Clergy
Holy Family Parish Adrian Catholic Church, Adrian, MI

Keeps our followers engaged

“I appreciate how it makes my staff person’s job much easier and we appreciate the variety of content. It keeps our followers engaged and partners well with our parish evangelization efforts of trying to meet people where they are at.”

Fr. Tony Kruse, Clergy
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Waterloo, IA

Holy Family Parish

“What we love about them the most is their depth and understanding of social media. We have been blessed to have a wonderful partnership with them. You won’t go wrong utilizing their services.”

Deacon Bill Weeks, St. Cecilia Parish in Tustin, CA

CSM is a lifesaver!

“The content cannot be beat! The variety of content is outstanding and the graphics are beautiful. Before the pandemic there was not as much pressure to be so regular with our church’s social media postings, but since the pandemic and to the present day, there is much more pressure to keep the posts going, and CSM saves us countless hours of creating social media content. CSM is a lifesaver!”

Maggie England, Pastoral Associate
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Waterloo, IA

CSM fills the gaps

“CSM fills the gaps in parish engagement when you physically cannot give it the intentionality it needs. I can rest assured that during a major event (such as VBS) that our parish is still being engaged.”

Zachary Greve, Ministry
St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Peru, IN

Thoughtful, timely and relevant content

“The social media content! Who has time??? We use the content CSM creates across our communication platforms (i.e. FB, email, bulletin, etc.) It’s thoughtful, timely and relevant content.”

Susan Crudup, Business Manager
Church of the Epiphany, North Chesterfield, VA

I don't have to figure out what to post on social media every day

“The time and effort it saves because I don’t have to figure out what to post on social media every day.”

Lenina Valle, Communications
Church of the Epiphany, Richmond, VA

I can't think of anything else we did that had a similar result

“It has kept us engaged and connected with parishioners throughout the pandemic. I can’t think of anything else we did that had a similar result.”

Debbie Adams, Faith Formation
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Battle Ground, Seattle, WA

Super user-friendly

“The content is very relevant and interesting. There is also great variety each week. It is super user-friendly.”

Mary Daugherty, CFO 
Sacred Heart Catholic Church & School, Robbinsdale, MN

There is a high level of connection

“The resources and information is grounded in the reality of parish life. There is a high level of connection to the day to day challenges of working faithfully with and for a community.”

Mary Mueller, Director of Operations
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Shawnee, KS

Great information

“Great information and tools targeted toward parish life.”

Sheri Resa, Communications
Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Lenexa, KS

Crisp, colorful, good messaging

“It’s timely, has topics I wouldn’t otherwise consider (that are appreciated by our audience), crisp, colorful, good messaging in a way we have not mastered”

Mary Losik, Stewardship and Development
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Shawnee, KS

Easy and painless

“You guys have moved us into the new century in an easy and painless way… only the highest praise for Catholic Social Media!”

Mary Mueller, Director of Operations
Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Shawnee, KS

Such a blessing!

“My pastor has been wanting me to post regularly for months and he gave me some resources to use but none of them were adequate enough to actually use as a main source for continual posting. I was trying to make stuff myself but it was taking up so much of my time I felt like I was wasting it all on trying to build up our social media! I don’t have a team of other people who can help with social, it’s just me. So having pre-made posts, obviously Catholic, with a variety of things to use has been such a blessing!”


Ali Prekker
St. John Catholic Church
Ishpeming, MI

It’s time to bring your mission online

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