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Catholic Social Media +
Parish Content

You may have heard the news that Parish Content was recently acquired by Prenger Solutions Group to enhance its Catholic Social Media service.

We understand that with change comes questions

You’re invited to join us for a webinar and demo on Thursday, May 30, where Nic Prenger and John Rogers from the Catholic Social Media team will lead the discussion. We want to make sure you walk away excited for the next chapter!

Join us to learn:

  • What the Parish Content acquisition means for your parish
  • How Catholic Social Media operates
  • Preview exclusive content and functionalities available to subscribers
  • Details on available spots in your diocese
  • Ways to connect with even more people in your community

Plus, you’ll gain exclusive access to a thirty-day free trial of Catholic Social Media!

Who should attend?

Parish pastors, business managers, communications directors, and ministry heads who are looking to take their digital presence to the next level.

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The Only Social Media Platform Designed Exclusively for Catholic Parishes and Dioceses

  • Parishes with an active Facebook page
  • Parishes and schools with multiple social media accounts
  • Pastors overseeing multiple parishes or parish clusters
  • Parishes that have staff and volunteers helping with social media accounts
  • Dioceses with multiple social media accounts
  • Dioceses looking to provide social media help to resource-strapped parishes
  • Diocesan communications offices that want to reach more Catholics
  • Dioceses who need a better way to share updates and digital content with parishes

Key Features

Shared Content Calendar & Scheduling
Shared Content Calendar & Scheduling

Use our visual content calendar to schedule multiple social posts across different pages and networks simultaneously. Schedule an entire week’s worth of posts in just 5 minutes.

Control Access

Take control of who is posting on behalf of your parish. Keep your passwords secure and easily add or remove access for specific volunteers or employees.

Asset Hub
Asset Hub

Create, organize, edit, and publish posts, videos, and handouts from a central location within the platform.

Resource Library
Resource Library

Provide an all-in-one library for parish announcements, bulletin inserts, pastor letters, weekly updates, and key digital content across your staff members and volunteers.

Parish Approval
Parish Approval for Diocesan Content

Dioceses can create content for the parishes, but the parish remains in control of what gets posted and when.


See how your posts are performing across multiple accounts.

The easiest way to manage your parish’s social media

Post exclusive Catholic content with the click of a button, monitor what matters most to you, and keep track of how your posts are performing with Catholic Social Media.

Included in your free trial:

  • Social media scheduling tool that can publish to 15 social media accounts with a single click
  • 30 days of FREE posts, including 10 unbranded images and 1 video each week
  • Customized parish analysis showing how your social engagement compares to other Catholic parishes across North America
  • Personalized recommendations on when to post, and what content your parishioners like the best
  • Sample stewardship templates, pastor letters, and reports

No commitment or credit card required.

Screenshot: Manage your parish’s social media

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this cost?

Catholic Social Media is a subscription service that provides the all-in-one scheduling platform plus fresh weekly content for just $5,000 per year. Parishes are billed $1,250 per quarter and can cancel any time.


How does the Catholic Social Media Parish Premium service work?

Catholic Social Media’s communication experts design amazing content that your parishioners will love, then we deliver those posts to you each week through our easy-to-use platform. Once you’ve connected your parish’s Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter accounts to the platform, simply review each week’s content and click to personalize and publish the content to your parish channels. Parishes who use Catholic Social Media can post a week’s worth of content in ten minutes.


How can this help my parish?

When you build a great social media presence at your parish, your parishioners will respond by following your account, sharing your posts, and engaging with your neighbors – and with each other – online. This allows your parish to play a positive role in the lives of thousands of people every day.

Plus, this service opens a powerful communications channel with your parishioners that will significantly enhance any ministry initiatives, stewardship campaigns, or long-term goals you want to achieve. The sooner your parish starts to engage with your parishioners online in a creative, fun, and meaningful way, the easier
it will be to use that communications channel to promote participation in every aspect of parish life.

And did we mention that parishes who post daily on social media see average household giving that is 44 percent?

How is this different from other social media content?

Catholic Social Media provides non-branded content with personalization options that keeps your parish front and center. Our Catholic designers and communications experts work quietly in the background to serve up daily posts that you can use to engage your parishioners outside of Sunday Mass and evangelize your neighborhood.


Do we still post our own social media content?

Yes! While some parishes use our service as their sole source of social media content, most rely on Catholic Social Media as the backbone of a communications strategy that also includes posts about local parish news and events. Parishioners love the fresh, creative content – but they also love seeing photos and updates that only your parish can provide.


What if we already have someone in charge of our social media?

That’s great! Now let’s arm that person with high quality, daily Catholic content that is tied to the liturgical calendar. Our Catholic content is proven, trustworthy and reliable… which takes the pressure off your social media coordinator and lets your pastor rest easy knowing that all images are appropriately licensed, all content is theologically sound, and that the supply of social content is endless!


We have a few more questions. Who can we contact at Catholic Social Media?

We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to Dcn. John Rogers, M.A. our Vice President of Parish Services.
Click here to schedule a virtual meeting

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