online giving beyond sunday

Online Giving Beyond Sunday

Mar 10, 2020

At CSM we are always encouraging our clients to optimize technology. Part of the optimization we recommend to our clients is having an easy-to-use, donor-centric way to allow your parishioners and supporters to give online. As parishioners are becoming more comfortable with donating online, churches are expanding when they launch calls to action. This means that churches ask parishioners to give outside of weekend Masses. Creating a culture of online giving beyond Sunday is key to your parish’s financial health.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 67% of church giving happens on days other than Sunday. While it makes sense that 33% of church giving takes place on Sunday, it should not be overlooked that people tend to manage their money and bills on their own time. Many times they will spend online – give to the church, pay bills, shop – according to when they are paid.

We’d recommend periodically (once a quarter) posting a reminder on social media to let your parishioners know that online giving is available. Post a direct link to your giving page. Don’t just send them to your parish home page and make them search for how to make a gift – make it easy for them! A Tuesday evening or Thursday morning reminder might be the perfect time to let your parishioners know they can financially support the parish throughout the week, not just on Sundays. If folks know that they can participate in online giving beyond Sunday, you’re well on your way to a financially sound parish.