how spammy is your parish email

How Spammy Is Your Parish Email?

Nov 19, 2020

We are sending more emails than ever, and billions of messages crisscross the globe each day. For every legitimate message that needs to get somewhere, there’s probably 3-4 that are scams, viruses, or unwanted marketing schemes. This begs the question: how spammy is your parish email?

Maybe you’ve noticed over the last few months that your parish emails aren’t always getting where they need to go. To combat scammers, organizations like Google and Microsoft are strengthening their spam filters. And unfortunately, sometimes a mass email to your parishioners can get caught in the crossfire. The end result? Your message may not be reaching as many people as you had intended.

That’s why there’s Mail Tester, a free service that checks any email you want to send for 20 different metrics that might make it look “spammy” to your recipients. Here’s how to use it:

  • Visit Mail Tester’s website
  • Copy the unique email address they give you
  • Send a copy of your message to that unique email address
  • Click the “then check your score” button
  • Receive your report, including notes on how to improve your email before you send it to your parishioners
Mail Tester does all the behind-the-scenes analysis for you. It checks to see if your domain is whitelisted, if your links work, and if you’re using phrases similar to the kind of language scammers use. It has saved our team dozens of hours of work, and it will ensure your emails get exactly where they need to go – to your parishioners!

How spammy is your parish email? You can find out in 10 minutes flat and start moving in the right direction right now!