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Understanding How AI for Fundraising Can Help Your Nonprofit

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the latest technology shift to hit the news. It has potential uses across industries, including fundraising. From email to automation, fundraisers have seen many technological advancements over the last 25 years.

Fundraising strategy must constantly evolve with technology. Technology tools can help with donor communications and save fundraisers time. While AI for fundraising advances, there are necessary precautions to understand regarding donor privacy and databases.

AI can help with fundraising through social media connections and drafting emails. However, disclosing private donor information to AI tools is not recommended. AI is not the same as automation.

The AskGenius team shares ways to use AI and automation in your nonprofit fundraising strategy in this blog.


Recognize that AI has Limitations When Used for Fundraising

AI for fundraising is an emerging technology. With any new technology, we still need to understand all the potential risks, especially concerning privacy. In fundraising, donor privacy is critical to building donor relationships.

While AI has complementary tools that can aid nonprofit organizations with donor communications, it is not recommended that nonprofits connect AI to their donor databases or give any AI tool private donor information.

Fundraisers should understand that automation and AI are not the same technology. Automation tools like AskGenius or AutomateGenius can significantly help with fundraising strategy. Time-consuming tasks like setting personalized ask strings in fundraising campaigns.


Use AI for Fundraising for Tasks Like Personalized Emails

Together AI and automation can impact a fundraiser’s ability to reach more donors. Tasks like personalized emails used to be time-consuming, but now they can beefficient and effective.

Tools like ChatGPT can help draft emails to donors with the right prompts. It’s critical to edit the copy when using AI to check for accuracy. Once the communication is written, an automation tool like AutomateGenius can help identify which donors to send these personalized emails to.

Picture starting your day at your desk with ten email drafts ready to go, personalized for each donor. You can quickly edit and send these emails before you finish your first cup of coffee. These emails can be triggered automatically to donors based on predetermined milestones, such as who made their first gift, celebrated five years of giving, or made a memorial gift.

Personalized emails can help build relationships with donors as part of a well-rounded and impactful fundraising strategy.


Other Uses for AI in Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies

Nonprofit organizations may have limited staff to work on tasks such as social media. AI tools, like those from OpenAI, can help create social media posts by using tools like text-to-image to create images for Facebook or Instagram posts.

Artificial intelligence technology is still evolving for generating photos, and sometimes the images aren’t quite right. Always review images before posting. AI-generated photos are safe to use without copyright concerns; however, the legal implications continue to evolve.

AI tools like ChatGPT can help draft content for a case for support document, write fundraising pages on your nonprofit website, or draft an appeal letter. Always take the time to edit AI-generated content carefully for accuracy.


Learn More about AI for Fundraising

To learn more about AI’s evolving tools, watch AskGenius’ recent webinar, What AI Means to Your Development Office. If your development office could use time-saving tools to elevate your fundraising strategy for donor communications, sign up for a demo of AskGenius or AutomateGenius today.

When used correctly, AI for fundraising and automation tools can help your nonprofit raise more money for your important cause. Explore how AI and automation tools can help your fundraising strategy today.

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