audits for your website

Audits for your Website

Jul 7, 2020

The dream scenario for any parish is that when people type its name into Google, the parish website is the first result. The nightmare is the reverse – despite your best attempts, you can’t seem to get your church into the first page of search engine results. What’s a parish employee to do? It’s simple – run to Neil Patel’s website and tune up your parish website. He offers free audits for your website.

Just type the URL of your parish website into the search bar and in three minutes, you’ll have a complete rundown of elements of your parish site that are driving you higher in search engine rankings, and what elements are driving you lower. This gives you a tune-up plan, a way to systematically go through your site and improve it bit by bit. Here’s a quick snapshot:

The best part about this audit? Every element that’s lacking contains a link to an article showing you exactly how to fix the problem. Each issue is also rated as easy or difficult, and includes estimates of how much time it will take you to dive in and fix the problem.

With this kind of audit, don’t feel like you need to fix everything on your site all at once. But by dedicating a few minutes here and there, you can achieve some amazing results and make sure your parish is at the top of search results for Catholic churches in your area. Audits for your website will make your life a whole lot easier!