a magic wand for excel

A Magic Wand for Excel

Jan 14, 2020

There are only a small number of events in your life that are so meaningful and powerful that the memories stay with you forever. For me, those memories include my wedding day, the days that my three children were born, and the day I found out about the ASAP Utilities tool. It’s a magic wand for Excel.

ASAP Utilities is a free tool that solves all of the annoying problems you run into when working with church data in Excel. With the click of a button, it will clean an entire spreadsheet and remove extra spaces. It will automatically capitalize the first letters of names. It will delete unused rows and columns. And it will convert text to numbers so that you can sort columns like a civilized adult, and not go hunting and pecking for data like some sort of animal.

The software is free for nonprofit organizations. BUT…if you want to surprise your parish business manager and download it to his or her computer just in time for their next birthday, I’ll never tell that them that it was free. It’ll be our little secret. And you will have changed a life for the better. If you ever work in Excel, go download ASAP Utilities right now. And welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy the fact that you’ve found a magic wand for Excel – and spread the word!